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You can manage your email which sent your your customer after for each completed order on this section.
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In your Ryviu dashboard menu bar, please click on Emails section. This section is divided into 3 parts.

Emails section in the Ryviu dashboard

I. Analytics

It is simple to check the list of emails with the sending date/time, the order number, the customer email, and the status of this email.

Emails analytics

β€Œ1. Showing the general report for sending email.

2. You can filter the email with a certain status or add your order# to search.

Filter emails

3. Show email status for each order.

3.1. Order ID. You can select maximum 50 orders to remove (by click on the trash icon) or send emails (by click on the envelope icon) in your email sections:

Select many emails

3.2. Rating. Showing the rating and number of reviews.

3.3. Showing email status.

3.4. Date. The time of that orders.

3.5. Action. You can send email manually for the one which are processing by click on the envelope icon.

II. Automation

In this part, you can set up your request review email. Please check the full information in this tutorial.

Emails request review automation

III. Templates

You can edit or create your email template here. Check our tutorial for how to create email template.

Email request reviews template


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