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Why I can't import AliExpress reviews?
Why I can't import AliExpress reviews?

It may happen that you can't import reviews from AliExpress. Please keep reading this article for the solution.

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Please make sure you meet the below requirements before importing reviews.

If you're encountering difficulties while importing AliExpress reviews, please navigate to the customer reviews tab of the AliExpress product page to check the reason. The two possible situations that you might run into are described here, along with thorough explanations of how to resolve each one.

1. 'No Feedback' or 'Content Unavailable' Error

You might get 'No Feedback' error.

Or you might also get the notification 'Due to our system upgrades, this content is currently unavailable in your region'.


These errors appeared because AliExpress blocks users from some specific countries. Please follow the below steps:

  • Install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app, then connect to a server in a different region.

  • Import reviews again.

2. AliExpress requests verification

You can't import reviews if AliExpress asks you to verify.


If AliExpress requests verification, you need follow these steps:

  • Slide the verification button as prompted by AliExpress.

  • Refresh your Ryviu dashboard.

  • Import reviews again.

I hope these steps will help you successfully import AliExpress reviews. Should you require further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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