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You can set up for featured widgets on this section if your Ryviu plan is a Paid one.

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The featured widget settings section is where you can get a preview of a featured reviews layout and set up for the featured reviews section. Let's follow the process below to make some settings in this section.

This functionality only works on Paid plans.


Please log in to your Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Customer Reviews

1. Featured reviews

  • Theme Masonry.

    If you enable Product info, our app will display product information the featured review belongs to.

  • Theme Carousel

    1. Show images: display review's image or product thumbnail image if review does not have pictures.

    2. Review title: display the title of review.

    3. Review content: display comments

    4. Show more button: display Show more button to display modal popup of all featured reviews.

2. Ryviu Sidebar widget

You can also show featured reviews in the sidebar widget. It takes a few seconds to set up for that part.

  • Ryviu sidebar widget: enable or disable

  • Offset sidebar: select the position to display Ryviu sidebar widget on your store.

3. Customize

  • Text sidebar: Add text of sidebar widget

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