Ryviu is a wonderful app that allows you to collect and import reviews for your store. One of the top features that Ryviu offers you to grab reviews is sending emails to your customers to ask for their product reviews after each purchase is completed.

This article will give you a general understanding of request reviews email and how to create an email to ask for product reviews from your customers.

Store and manage customer reviews

Go to Ryviu Dashboard > Emails to reach the Review Request page.

On this page, you can store information, including order ID, rating, status, date, and actions of all orders on your store. Based on such useful information, you can send emails to your customers to ask for reviews on the products ordered.

Regarding order status, there are 5 statuses of the order displayed in the statistics chart:

  1. Processing: when an order meets all setting requirements in the Email Request Reviews system, the request email will be sent to your customers to ask for their reviews on that product.

  2. Sent: the request emails were sent to the customers

  3. Opened: the amount of sent emails was opened by the customers.

  4. Rated: The number of customers left their reviews on the products they bought.

  5. Failed: The number of emails was sent unsuccessfully.

On the review page, you can find order and filter the orders by the status as above.

Setting emails

You can set up request emails by going to Setting > Email > Email System

Here, you can enable email, times, sender information, and notification.

Note: Our app will send an email if customer check on the option allows getting email marketing on the checkout page only.

For further information about the email system, let refer to this article.

How to create a request email?

With Ryviu, You can easily create a request review email by referring to this tutorial.

After having a request email, you can send it to your customers in the Email System or click on the letter icon in the Action section of a processing order to send an email to ask for product reviews of that order.

Note: Before sending emails to your customers, you need to verify your domain email by following this guideline.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email or live chat.

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